About Steve Rubin
With decades of entrepreneurial, executive and consulting experience, my mission is to help you succeed, whether by launching a new initiative or improving a program already underway.

My focus is digital media -- the merger of media and information technology. My role is to help you with the right approach, the best technology, a sensible structure for your content.

My background includes every aspect of the business: entrepreneur, media executive and consultant.

I have had some very interesting engagements including
- Apple: Digital asset aanagement strategy
- Coca-Cola: Marketing asset management strategy
- GlaxoSmithKline: Web site upgrades including new functionality
- Knight Ridder: I have met with more than 50 newspapers to discuss digital archiving and retrieval of news and photos, helping to launch NewsLibrary..com

Public sector projects have included:
- Pennsylvania Public Television Network: Analog to digital business model strategy
- NJ Department of Education: Bringing schools in 585 school districts to a minimum level of internet connectivity
- Philadelphia International Airport: Internet assessment and upgrade roadmap

My approach is to work closely with you to understand your objectives, collaborate on the best approach, and deliver solutions with creativity and a high standard of professionalism

Contact me at sdr (at) sdrubin.com or 215-985-1777

Strategic Services
Web Content Strategy

Digital Asset Management Strategy: Organizing principles and plans for managing video, audio, photos and graphics
Archiving and Preservation: Long-term preservation and access of digitial media

Information Management, Metadata & Taxonomy: Structure information so that content can be readily identified, retrieved, and cross-referenced.

Experienced project executive and problem solver, with a focus on digital media