About Steve Rubin
With decades of entrepreneurial, executive and consulting experience, my mission is to help you succeed, whether by launching a new initiative or improving a program already underway. Here is how I can help:

Project Management
Define the objective. Organize the steps needed. Create a plan and professionally carry out that plan.
I apply accepted methods and practices that help keep a project on track, isolate risks, separate wishful thinking from reality, and devise solutions when things do not go as planned.

As an experienced, no-nonsense project manager, I have led complex, multi-threaded projects to completion:
- Apple: Digital asset management strategy
- Coca-Cola: Marketing asset management strategy
- GlaxoSmithKline: Web site upgrades including new functionality
- Knight Ridder: I have met with more than 50 newspapers to discuss digital archiving and retrieval of news and photos, helping to launch NewsLibrary..com

Public sector projects have included:
- Pennsylvania Department of Health: Project manager, Medical Marijuana Launch
- NJ Department of Education: Bringing schools in 585 school districts to a minimum level of internet connectivity
- Philadelphia International Airport: Internet assessment and upgrade roadmap

Process Analysis and Improvement
Map and measure how things get done. Discover ways to become more efficient. Define and document new processes. Purge ambiguity. Measure the results..

My approach is to work closely with you to understand your objectives, collaborate on the best approach, and deliver solutions with creativity and a high standard of professionalism

Contact me at sdr (at) sdrubin.com or 215-985-1777

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Strategic Services
Web Content Strategy

Digital Asset Management Strategy: Organizing principles and plans for managing video, audio, photos and graphics
Archiving and Preservation: Long-term preservation and access of digitial media

Information Management, Metadata & Taxonomy: Structure information so that content can be readily identified, retrieved, and cross-referenced.

Experienced project executive and problem solver, with a focus on digital media